How to Budget your life in Dubai - UAE

It’s great to earn salaries like 30 to 40K + in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

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However, don’t fall into the debt trap.

I’ll answer this assuming you’re new in the UAE and don’t have massive savings.

Don’t get involved in the materialistic life and “Keeping up with the Joneses”.

Don’t go and get a villa or a fancy apartment. Not even a regular apartment that you have to pay 1 year in advance. Get something monthly that you can easily back out from. It’s great if it’s furnished so you don’t have to invest in furniture.

Don’t take a car loan (I know the interest rates are extremely attractive). Rent the cheapest car you can get (you can find one at a monthly rate for as low as 40 per day).

Live within your means and a half-foot-in approach for 3–4 months until you save up some cash flow and get a better understanding of the country. Once you’re a bit more experienced and have some cash flow, upgrade as you like, but stay safe, don’t trap yourself.

You’ll really enjoy your UAE salary when most of it or at least half is available to you at the end of the month. I’ve seen alot of 40k+ earners fallen in the trap and have 50k+ bills.

I’ve seen that the happiest people are the ones who focus on having minimal bills, and maximal spending money.

For example, living in a 2000 per month accommodation and having 8000 spending money is way better than living in a 8000 accomodation but having only 2000 spending money. (A private studio in a villa vs an apartment in a fancy tower)

It’s shocking but I’ve met many people who live in amazing apartments/villas and drive luxury cars but don’t have the cash to eat at a fancy place more than once or twice a month. Then there’s people living in minimalist accommodation but having a blast trying a new restaurant every day or doing weekend travels.